IOT Applications

Smart Manufacturing
ADAM enables a new level of connectedness and intelligence for operators of factories, plants, supply chains and fleets to leverage the IoT to connect the assets they own with their operations and business systems.

Solving IoT Challenges in Manufacturing
Manufacturers face constant pressure to continuously improve operational performance, but the high variability of systems and equipment by plant, by line and even by manufacturing process, combined with a mix of modern equipment and legacy investments, creates visibility, interoperability and flexibility challenges that are strong barriers to operational excellence.

Manufacturing operations are increasingly using smart equipment, but the amount of data generated by automation systems, robots, NC machines, PLCs, digital gauges, cameras, sensors, wireless tools and others devices creates islands of data that can’t easily be combined and analyzed, creating a challenge that traditional manufacturing systems were simply not designed for.

By partnering with ADAM, we can support to implement world's best smart solutions to your manufacturing challenges.