Manufacturing solutions

Digital Manufacturing engineering enables customers to iterate and optimize manufacturing processes and systems throughout the product development lifecycle. By optimizing and validating manufacturing processes, resources, plant layouts and configurations early in the lifecycle, customers can achieve Lean manufacturing goals.

ADAM provides end-to-end manufacturing engineering offerings across the lifecycle of plant development from conceptualization to installation and commissioning. We leverage our expertise and turnkey deployments across various manufacturing industries and areas

  • Body in white manufacturing lines
  • Trim chassis and final assembly lines
  • Paint shop lines
  • Powertrain machining and assembly lines
  • Injection molding and plastic parts manufacturing shops
  • CNG/LPG/ composite cylinders manufacturing lines
  • Axle machining and assembly lines
  • BIW process virtual process planning and validation
  • BIW robotic programming
  • Other assembly and manufacturing lines for Tier auto components
  • Tooling/Equipment Design and Validation
  • Design and development of composite tooling
  • Design and development of BIW welding fixtures
  • Material handling automation
  • With our experience and expert team, we help you to design and develop manufacturing systems without risks and at best optimized capital.

  • ADAM offers the following solutions through Digital Manufacturing tools
  • Design For Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) validations
  • Capacity planning
  • Factory planning, Layout planning
  • Material flow simulations
  • Throughput optimization, bottleneck analysis
  • Line balancing
  • In-plant logistics planning
  • Ergonomic analysis
  • Maintainability/Serviceability analysis
  • Discrete event simulations
  • 3D/ video based work instructions

We are resellers for all leading digital manufacturing tools and PLMs