Time Prism

Time Prism is a Work Analysis Software Tool achieving efficiency is the essential end of Industrial engineering with the function to be satisfied with personnel to the extent from Industrial engineering beginners to full-time workers.

First Step to Work Improvement, Work Analysis (Visualization) :
For work analysis, the most time-consuming and troublesome works are to stop instantly the punctuation of the movement while its speed is always variable. Using Time Prism, you can precisely and clearly analyze works by an easy operation on video-recorded image and have a good grip of the overall work-flow by seeing time-chart displayed live.

Work Formation/Comparison Inspection (Kaizen) :
By the function of efficiently erasing wastes and comparison inspection, you can make work-standard and standard time which are fundamental factor for the business of all industries including manufacturing industries, service industries.

Industrial engineering Education, utilizing data through "Visualization", "Kaizen"

Mankind‘s work movements are consisting of the accumulation of techniques being beyond all description. Using Time Prism, you can easily and quickly master the method of Lean video analysis.