Supply Chain Solutions

The global economic crisis enforces drastic measures: from an operative point of view, it is important to safeguard liquidity of the automotive business by all means. Existing over-capacities need to be adjusted and cost reductions by process optimizations in all areas and departments should be achieved as fast as possible. ADAM experts are well seasoned analysts for all your supply chain optimization solutions.

ADAM has the solutions to all lean initiatives across the automotive supply chain, to eliminate waste and synchronize production and logistics systems. Our experts can help you with the following areas.

  • Supply chain due diligence
  • Strategic capacity planning
  • Rapid cost reduction and re-engineering programs
  • Simulation of production systems
  • Rapid outsourcing
  • Optimization of supply and line feeding problems
  • Implementation of JIT supplies
  • Network planning for vehicle distribution
  • Ramp up / ramp down planning
  • Continuous SCM improvement programs
  • Implementation of Lean SCM
  • DES based SCM simulations
  • Transport cost optimization
  • If you are in look out for any one of the above solutions for your logistics and production related areas.
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